Travis Stewart ~ “I began viaRenovo because I’m passionate about helping others see God’s redemptive way in the world… I also really like Dr. Pepper, freshly mown grass, fall colors, watching my son play sports, taking walks with my daughter, and sitting on a beach with my wife.” Travis is a husband of 17 years, father, and lover of books, Nebraska football, and all things LOST (the TV show) who happens to be a professional therapist. Travis received two Master’s degrees from Covenant Seminary; one in counseling and one in theology.

Doug Serven ~ Doug Serven is the director of the Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Oklahoma. He loves to read, drink coffee, discuss, and sports of all kinds, especially baseball and hockey. He considers himself a “hair artist,” and thus he changes goatees, baldness, beards, etc. frequently. A husband and father of four he graduated from the University of Missouri (1993) and Covenant Theological Seminary in 2000. He also co-authored the book TwentySomeone: Finding Yourself in a Decade of Transition available here.

Margot Starbuck ~ Margot Starbuck is a freelance writer and speaker. She is the author of a spiritual memoir, The Girl In The Orange Dress: Searching for a Father Who Does Not Fail (InterVarsity Press, 2009) and Unsqueezed: Springing Free From Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stilettos (InterVarsity Press, 2010). Margot received her degree in art, at Westmont College, in 1991 before pursuing a Master’s of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary which she earned in 1995.

Craig Detweiler ~ Craig is a filmmaker, author, and cultural commentator who’s been featured in The New York Times, CNN, and NPR. Previously the director of the Reel Spirituality Institute at Fuller Theological Seminary Craig is now the teaching at Pepperdine University and acting as a liaison between the university and the entertainment industry. Craig’s newest book is Halos and Avatars: Playing Video Games With God. You can read more at Craig’s own blog. Craig and his wife, Caroline, have two children, Zoe and Theo.

Joel Try ~ Joel is a father, friend and influencer of people. He leads the college ministry, “The Call” at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona and frequently engages the students to think critically about how their faith and culture interact, specifically through film and music. He names Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins and U2 among his favorite bands and loves the kind of books “with word and pictures!”

Ron Reed ~ Ron is an actor, playwright and director, the founder and artistic director of Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre. He writes about the movies at Filmwell, participate in the Arts & Faith film conversation, and is currently working on a book, “1000 Soul Food Movies: A Guide To Films With A Spiritual Flavour.” His blogs include Soul Food Vancouver, and Soul Food Movies. He brings to viaRenovo a broad knowledge of the arts and a history of film.

Laura Stewart ~ Laura is a avid reader and writer. She loves imagining new worlds and writing about them with her friends. She has a strong interest in history and enjoys a quiet night sitting with dad on the couch watching the History Channel. Her favorite book series is Harry Potter and she feels proud to have read all 4,175 pages. She finds this quote spoken by Professor Dumbledore inspiring: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Denis Haack ~ ~Denis Haack is the founder of Ransom Fellowship, a ministry dedicated to helping Christian develop faithfulness and discernment. He is also the author of The Rest of Success: What the World Didn’t Tell You About Having It All and has written articles for such journals as Reformation & Revival Journal, Eternity, Covenant, and World. He holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. More of his work can be found at