Randall Goodgame Interview

An Interview with Randall Goodgame ~ by Travis Stewart ~ Randall Goodgame is a singer, songwriter, husband, father, friend and follower of Jesus. He was written 17 songs recorded by Caedmon's Call, as well as songs for Jason Gray and Ginny Owens. Additionally, he has recorded four solo albums, including his most recent, Bluebird. He has graciously agreed to share his thoughts about his music and his faith journey with the readers of viaRenovo. Travis Stewart: I've ...
Posted on: 28th February 2010
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Music with Texture: Randall Goodgame & Andy Osenga

Randall Goodgame and Andrew Osenga performing together. Through their writing with the band Caedmon's Call I was a fan of Andrew Osenga and Randall Goodgame before I ever knew their names. The first time I first heard Randall Goodgame's songwriting on the "Back Home" album released in 2003 I was hooked. His lyrics, like those in the song, "Hands of the Potter" spoke directly to my struggle to be an authentic follower of Jesus: Lord if I'm the clay then I've been left out ...
Posted on: 21st January 2010
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