‘Inception’ Conversation (spoiler warning)

Inception 2010 • Rated PG-13 Directed by Christopher Nolan [SPOILER WARNING: Don't read unless you've seen the movie] Inception has been called "an elegantly cerebral story that is primal, compelling, and as visually disconcerting as it is completely captivating" as well as "a tremendously challenging and tremendously rewarding movie, the type that will have audiences talking -- and debating -- long after the credits roll." After seeing it again last night I'm in ...
Posted on: 24th July 2010
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The Gospel of Glee?

Many people consider TV shows and movies good bad based on the amount of violence, sex or language present. In recent years several films have challenged this notion. The Passion of the Christ was embraced by many Christians despite its R rating while the Harry Potter films (rated PG) were rejected due to perceptions of occult material. Can we judge entertainment so easily? I don't think so. I believe we need to develop skills of discernment and eyes to see beyond the surface issues. In this article (thanks to Craig Dunham for finding this) in Time magazine author Nancy Gibbs provides ...
Posted on: 3rd December 2009
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Finding God at the Movies

Author and educator Craig Detweiler is interviewed about his books Matrix of Meaning and Into the Dark and finding God in the movies. Film: a matrix of meaning from CPX on Vimeo. What are your thoughts? Has God spoken to you through a particular film, book or TV show? How do you discern between what may be the voice of God and what might be too much soda and Junior Mints? Share your thoughts here. ~ Travis Stewart ...
Posted on: 9th September 2009
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Going to the Movies in District 9

District 9 2009 • Rated R Directed by Neil Blomkamp When I’m on a business trip I usually try and take along a “guy” movie to watch on my laptop or catch a new release at the theater. I do this because with two pre-teen kids and a wife with a low tolerance for aliens, bloody battles or orcs, fantasy movies like Braveheart just don’t make the Family Movie Night cut at our house. On my trips I’ve seen the likes of Tropic Thunder, Apocalypto and The Shooter ...
Posted on: 7th September 2009
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