Hope and the Great Restoration

Hope and the Great Restoration ~Travis Stewart Fourteen years ago my wife held our newborn child in our arms as his heart stopped beating after on 30 minutes of life. That experience changed everything; how we viewed the preciousness of life, how we expressed grief and even career choices. It also challenged how we understood the meaning of redemption and the core of the Gospel message. What I present here, in this audio presentation preached at Open Door Fellowship in ...
Posted on: 9th October 2010
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The Pit of Despair, or, A New Lament

Andrew Peterson's music has constantly been in my iTunes rotation since I first heard him about 4 years ago. His lyrics resonate deeply with my experience of faith and his sense of hope bring hope to me. Recently, on his website he wrote of a love that surprises him with it's constancy. He has graciously allowed me to re-post it here. ~Travis The Pit of Despair, or, A New Lament by Andrew Peterson The oldest song on my new album is also the ...
Posted on: 5th February 2010
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